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Diffuser Machine - DR Large
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Diffuser Machine - DR Large


Diffuser Machine - DR Large

Diffuser Machine - DR Large

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Using the standard neutralization process, cold air diffusion targets essential oils and fragrances, fragment them to turn into fine and refreshing dry mist.

The cold air diffusion allows the oils to maintain their essence integrity, while boosting the olfactive power, without using heat or any other methods that might be dangerous or useless.

Dr Scent Diffusing machines help keep your surroundings clean, fresh, and healthy. Enjoy the essence of nature in your space.

Product Name: Dr Large Diffuser 

-Dimension: 231 * 306 * 110 mm
-Bottle Capacity: 1000 ml
-Weight: 4.5 kg
-Material: Machine
-iron, acrylic
-Input voltage: AC 180V – 240V, 50/60 HZ
-Output: DC 12V 1A
-Power: 20 W
-Coverage Area: 800 m2, 2400 m3

Additional Features:

New updated classical model, with sleek, durable design.
Adds a sophisticated touch to your interior.
-Featuring nebulizing Nano Technology.
-Cold Air Diffusion System.
-with whisper quite Silent Mode.
Accessible and easy to navigate through a Mobile App.


Practical and suitable for any space:

Mount to the wall, easy to place on tables, or you can connect it to your HVAC/AC system.


Plug, Bottle, PU tube, mounting bracket, PTFE Tape, Connector, Manual, Gasket.

Shipping Time

Estimated delivery within 1-4 bussines days

Size and Weight

1. Portable Aroma= 10mL(0.33oz)

2. Aroma Essential= 170mL(5.74oz)

3. Essential Oil= 500mL(16.9oz)

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